If you live in Brevard County and aren’t happy with your bath, it is highly likely you’ve done the research on some of the bathroom remodeling ideas and know that it’s one of the  top three things  you can do to increase the value of your home and enhance your enjoyment while in it. Perhaps your kids have grown up, and you want that bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Or, maybe your bathroom is outdated or simply isn’t meeting your needs.  

DC General Contracting has the experience, drive for quality, and the skills to ensure you have a headache-free project. From a whole-room remodel, to single-day renovation jobs, our expert remodeling contractors can ensure that your bathroom meets your needs. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. We can even help with a few bath remodeling ideas — just let us know what you’d love. 

Impactful Bathroom Remodeling Ideas In Melbourne

If your bathroom needs a touch-up to rejuvenate its look, something as simple as a new coat of paint or new fixtures for your sink can do the trick. If it needs a bit more, here are a few bath remodeling ideas in Melbourne that DC General Contracting can do to spruce up your bath. 

Update Your Bathtub or Shower Enclosure 

If your bathtub tile or shower enclosure looks grungy, stained, or needs repair, updating it can make a considerable change to your bathroom’s atmosphere. As long as your bathroom has room and you don’t need to move any plumbing, changing out a bathtub isn’t a problem.  

You can change your tub or shower surround for a significant impact. Modern materials can help make maintaining your tub or shower a breeze.  

If you want something a bit more custom, you can replace an old surround with tile, choosing both material and pattern. Or, you can change out your tub for a shower or vice-versa. We even install walk-in tubs.  

Regardless of what you choose, DC General Contracting can accommodate your needs and bath remodeling budget. 

Replace Your Vanity and Countertops 

Updating your sink, countertops, and faucet are relatively simple changes that can completely alter your bathroom and make it work for you.  

Add storage by extending your vanity and adding drawers or doors to keep things tidy. A natural stone or granite countertop can create a spa-like feeling in the room. New faucets can help create the character of your bathroom while getting rid of unsightly hard water or rust marks on the metal. 

Change Your Flooring 

Tired of stepping out of your bath or shower onto a cold floor? Worried about slipping on wet tile?   

Regardless of what you’ve got on your bathroom floor, your remodeling contractors in Melbourne can walk you through some of the latest innovations in flooring. Heated tiles, pebbled walkways, and even cork can work for your bathroom floor, updating its look in the process. 

Experience Luxury With Our Melbourne Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you want to remodel your bathroom, DC General Contracting‘s expert contractors can help, no matter the size of the project.  

We’ll inspect your bathroom, listen to what works and doesn’t work for you, and then discuss your options. We can help you choose a new look, and guarantee your satisfaction.  

At DC General Contracting, we are always excited to help bring our clients bath remodeling dreams to reality and we look forward to working with you. Contact us today and we will take you through the different bathroom remodeling ideas that can suit your home needs.