If you love enormous windows that give your home an elegant feel, bay windows are probably on your list of considerations for replacement windows. A bay window or bow window at the front of your home evokes that EnglishRenaissance atmosphere and lets in far more light than a doublehung window or similar style.  

If you’re stuck deciding between bay windows and bow windows in Melbourne, but you know you want that classic style in your home, start with understanding what each one can offer — and how they fit into your budget. 

Bay Windows and Bow Windows in Melbourne — Are They Different? 

Stylistically, bay windows and bow windows in Melbourne don’t look all that different. Most people call both types bay windows without even knowing they’re two separate styles. It’s understandable — the differences are subtle. Still, they may matter to you as a homeowner in Melbourne looking for replacement windows.  

The primary way to tell bay windows and bow windows apart is by counting their openings. While both have that signature curved shape indicative of the iconic front window, a bay window has three sections, each angled in an arc. In comparison, a bow window has five openings.  

That doesn’t necessarily mean that bay windows are smaller. Typically, bay windows have a picture window at the center, whereas bow windows have five equal sections. While the number of sections and the picture window may be the most immediately recognizable differences between bay windows and bow windows, there are other differences you may overlook that could affect your decision.  

The first is the price. Bow windows can cost up to 15% more than bay windows owing to the number of openings and each window’s installation process. It also matters where you install them. Bow windows can go around the corner of your home — bay windows can’t.  

If you want more interior floor space, you’ll probably like bay windows. Because bay windows arc farther outward, you can have that window seat that many homeowners dream of, or use the floor space for more furniture. Bay windows also look more modern than bow windows, so think about your style preferences and what image you want for your home. 

Which Is Better for Your Home? 

Better may be a relative term in most cases, but there are some areas where a bay window or bow window really does offer more advantages than the other.  

If you’re on a budget, you’ll want bay windows, since they’re much cheaper and less complicated to install. They also have better ventilation. Often, bow windows are fixed windows, which means you can’t open them at all. Bay windows, on the other hand, usually open, at least from the two sections on either side of the picture window.  

When it comes to energy efficiency, bay window and bow windows are about equal. Both are available as Energy Star windows, making them a top choice to save on your energy bill. If you’re looking for cost-effectiveness, the installation will hit you harder than any discrepancy between energy costs.  

If you’re thinking about installing bay window or bow windows in Melbourne, contact us. Call us today and ask how we can improve your home with bay windows and bow windows and get your free quote today.