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When you’re renovating your home, you may consider replacing your windows with casement windows. If your windows show signs of wear, whether that means moisture on the panes, a climbing energy bill, or chipping on the exterior, it’s time for replacement windows.  

At this point, it’s worth thinking about what style of window works best for you. Maybe you’ve always had singlehung or doublehung windows. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your life easier with casement windows.

What Are Casement Windows? 

If you haven’t heard of casement windows, you’ve probably seen them. Whether or not you like them depends entirely on personal preference.  

Casement windows feature a more modern look. They’re tall and unobstructed, so if you like your outdoor view, casement windows were made for you. Casement windows give your home a sleek, streamlined appearance and they allow for plenty of natural light. Because of their contemporary feel, they’re often installed as new construction windows in Melbourne.  

Sliding windows offer a similar advantage in terms of natural light and impressive views, but they don’t have the same charm as casement windows. Sliding windows fit better in wider spaces, while casement windows have a long and thin appearance. Plus, they don’t slide.  

Casement windows open outward like a door, using a crank. You can get single or double casement windows, which open like double doors, one to each side. They’re easier to open than single or doublehung windows since they require less arm strength, which can be helpful for seniors. 

Are Casement Windows in Melbourne the Right Choice for You? 

Casement windows aren’t right for every home or style. While they may fit in your home, you may find that they don’t suit your family’s needs. Before you make your decision, look at the advantages and disadvantages of casement windows and how they stack up to your personal preferences.  

Casement windows are one of the more energy-efficient window options available. They make great new construction windows in Melbourne since the window sash fits more tightly to the window frame than doublehung windows. If lowering your energy bill appeals to you, casement windows should be on your list of possible replacement windows.  

If you love the modern look, casement windows can only enhance your home’s visual aesthetic. On the other hand, if you like your privacy, casement windows don’t offer as much of that as other types of windows, especially since they often extend almost from the ground to the ceiling.  

Because casement windows have a crank, they’re easy to open, which means senior family members can open the windows with no trouble. However, these windows may not be ideal for you if you have children, as children can open them, too. The windows do lock, but accidents happen, so factor that into your decision.  

If you’re considering casement windows, contact us today. We provide window installation in Melbourne, and our experienced contractors keep you informed during the renovation process. Call DC General Contracting today and we will discuss the different casement window options that will suit you your needs in Melbourne.