Hurricane-Impact Windows in Melbourne, Florida  

No matter where you live in Florida today, it’s hard not to stay for the sunshine alone. However, along with that sunshine comes a price, which arrives in the form of hurricane season. Each year, you prepare your home and your family for the possibility of a hurricane coming your way. In addition to extra food, water, supplies, shutters, and plywood, have you ever thought about adding hurricane-impact windows to your home in Melbourne?  

DC General Contracting is here to help you protect your home during the yearly hurricane season in Melbourne. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done right.  

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Do Need Hurricane Impact Windows in Melbourne?  

Sitting on the Atlantic coast of central Florida, Melbourne has its fair share of hurricanes every year. Although Melbourne doesn’t usually bear hurricane forces’ full brunt, the area is highly vulnerable to high winds, flying debris, and storm surges.  

Still, Melbourne’s location on the water leaves the area open to hurricane damage. Therefore, if you live in this part of Central Florida, you need hurricane impact windows to protect your home.  

What Are the Benefits of Hurricane-Resistant Windows?  

Melbourne’s hurricane-resistant windows give you the confidence that your house can weather any storm and stay safe against debris and high winds. That said, protection from hurricane season isn’t the only benefit of installing these impact-resistant windows. 

Impact-resistant windows are energy-efficient. They have vinyl frames that have multiple chambers plus insulated glass that conserves energy and leads to savings. Plus, the glass is shatter-resistant because of its structure, giving you an extra level of protection from intruders.  

The sun protection factor (SPF) within the laminated glass filters 99% of UV rays from the sun as it shelters you from noise pollution.  

Melbourne Hurricane Resistance Windows Cost – Is It Worth It?  

The cost to replace or install hurricane-resistant windows in your Melbourne, Florida home runs between $2,400 and $12,200 (or $90 to $400 per window), plus labor. Your cost will depend on how many windows you have in your home and how many you want to replace.  

When considering replacement windows in Melbourne, don’t only look at the cost. You also need to look at the initial expense of the window installation and then subtract the amount of savings you’ll get as a result of their installation. Keeping in mind all the benefits above, you can make a well-informed choice on your window replacement.  

What Type of Impact Window Is Best for My Home?  

The best type of impact windows for your home depend on your home’s location, what you want to see from your new windows, and their aesthetics. To pick the exact type of impact window that meets all your criteria, contact DC General Contracting for consultation. Our experienced staff has the training and knowledge to help you choose the perfect hurricane-resistant windows for your home. Call us in Melbourne for an appointment at 321-360-7475 or 321-338-1539 today! 

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